Conference Presentation


Reflections on educations ‘death valley’ by Ken Robinson by Susie Stevens

Design Thinking by Hayden Shaw

Effective appraisal in Physical Education workbook by Christina Thornley and Noreen Melvin

Kaua e takahia te mana o te tangata – do not trample on the mana of the people by Natasha Powell

MOE ‘leading from the middle’ continuum for self-reflection by Susie Stevens

Integrated Learning by Shea McEvoy

Integrated Learning theme tracker, Te Puke High School by Shea McEvoy

Reading for Integrated Learning by Shea McEvoy

For more reading on Integrated learning: Anderson, D. M. (2013). Overaching goals, values, and assumptions of integrated curriculum design. Schole: A journal of leisure studies & recreation education, 28(1) p1.


Why go contemporary by Dr Sarah-Kate Millar, Margot Bowes, Michelle Cleaver

Why should I use condoms? by Lisa Mirpuri

How to apply socio-critical thought practically in PE by Cameron Smith

Teaching personal and social responsiblity in a NZ secondary school PE programme by Aaron Meads

Fulfilling the vision of Health Education and the NZ Curriculum by Aaron Scorringe

Building strong foundations for success in senior Health Education by Michelle Ferris

Sport in Education by Karen Palmer

Strengthening and Nourishing Outdoor Education by Sophie Hoskins

Threshold Concepts by Nichola McCall, Anne McKay and Kylie Thompson

Using Books for Teaching Health Concepts by Vicki Nicolson

Practical tips on creating a truly inclusive lesson by Halberg Foundation

Learning to be Water competent by Lynley Stewart

Teaching Senior Physical Education in a Modern Learning Environment by Kelly Ross and Cameron McMillian

PE and Health in the 21st Century by Shea McEvoy and Claire Jepson

Geocaching by Celia Fleck

Keynote by Celia Fleck

Circle Pedagogy by Shelley Hunt

How to make quality outdoor education cheap by Gemma Periam

One size fits all by Aaron Scorringe and Alexandra Smith

The Great Guidelines Team Challenge by Catherine Kappelle – EONZ

How to play when you don’t know all the rules by Rob Gambolati

Physical Literacy in New Zealand by Karen Laurie SportNZ

Adventurous Learning by Papanui High School

Wrapping the real world around a game centered approach by Tim Morgan


Sexual diversity by K Potter. Link here.

Leading a team M van Groenewoud. Link here.

Our Jouney M van Groenewoud. Link here.

Primary PE Games M van Groenewoud. Link here.

Leading teams handout M van Groenewoud. Link here.

Activity 2 Complete M van Groenewoud. Link here.

Activity 3 & 4 M van Groenewoud. Link here.

Backward Mapping evidence M van Groenewoud. Link here.

Guide to mapping evidence against RTC’s M van Groenewoud. Link here.

Leading teams handouts M van Groenewoud. Link here.

 Overcoming obstacles Colbygreenslade. Link here.

Life in the clouds with office 365 – Ginni Orr. Link here.

Dream Team Sport New Zealand. Link here.

NZOIA Presentation. Link here.

Health Education Key Concepts M Ferris. Link here.

How HPE teachers understand the HPE Curriculum. Link here.

Indirect superivision – C Patalano/C North. Link here.

North Fatalaties – C North. Link here.

NZHEA presentation. Link here.

Use of Google Docs for assessments – B Busfield. Link here.

PE in an integrated curriculum – M Bridgeman. Link here.

Producing healthy little consumers – D Powell. Link here.

RAMP – Ministry of Education. Link here.

Senior secondary PE- more than just theory! – R Whittle. Link here.

Consent Toolkit – J Drury/V Burgess-Munro. Link here.

Tips and Tricks – G Orr. Link here.