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PENZ - EONZ - NZHEA Conference 2017

Day 0

Day 0 schedule

6:00 pm

Astrolabe, Maunganui Road, Mount Maunganui


Session 0

Student-led queer and feminist groups in schools: How can teachers support these?
By Katie Fitzpatrick & Hayley McGlashan
Is there a purpose for competitive sport in Primary PE?
By Kylie Hogg & Pam Hills
Using Future Focused Pedagogies (Tech & Gamification) to enhance authentic learning/reflection in Outdoor Education
By Catherine Wooller & Emma Young
HOPE for the future: bringing together Health, Outdoor and Physical Education in Teacher Education
By Heather Lindsay, Chris North & Tracy Clelland
Building emotional intelligence through social support in outdoor education
By Mike Boyes & Shannon McNatty
TGFU is to Constraints as recipes are to cooking; what are the differences, and potential benefits of using a Constraints led approach.
By Tony Oldham, Sarah-Kate Millar & Margot Bowes
Opening the Gym door - PE for all
By Brendan Austin, Jefferson Greenwood, Simon Crosby
Teaching gridiron using a constraints led and games sense approach
By Rob Gambolati
Knowledge is not enough - the power of values clarification in sexuality education
By Lesley-Ann Guild
Senior student leadership
By Donald Matheson
Those first few teaching years: How to survive, stay balanced and influence others in an educational space
By Susannah Stevens
Planning and valuing joy, play and intrinsic motivation for movement
By Susannah Stevens
A second date with Salmon
By Susannah Stevens & Celia Fleck
Planning in Primary Physical Education
By Marisa McKay & Tracey Stewart
Weaving threads of pedagogy: Sustainability, Place and Cultural Responsiveness in Outdoor Education
By Phil Washbourn
Sustainability internal achievement standards
By Angela Hodgkinson
Leading in new ways
By Pip Woodward
The Power of Resilience
By Pip Woodward
Exploring learning in, through and about movement
By Sara Hayward
Planning, implementing and refining a Health and Physical Education Scholarship programme
By Andrew Wild
Learning to be Water Competent - a developmental pathway to safer practices in, on and around water for Year 0-8.
By Lynley Stewart
Challenging the Status Quo
By Ryan Clark
Practical applications of gamification in Physical Education
By Carl Condliffe
Active Learning Pedagogy Cross-Curricular Teaching for 21st Century Learners
By Julian Reid, Matt Cleaver, Carl Condliffe & Jayne Dunbar
That was then, this is now: the health journey at Papakura High School
By Nikki Samu
Engaging the disengaged and disinterested
By Sara Hayward
Part 2- Putting planning into action in Primary Physical Education
By Tony Halalilo and James McIntyre
By Liz Hunter & Hana Douglas
Learner Centred Evidence
By Jenna Aikman & Simon Lockwood
21st Century Learning and Transformative Change
By Shea McEvoy & Claire Jepsen
Why have Twitter as an educator?
By Mallory Bish & Georgia Dougherty
Guiding active graduates: Physical education and the key competencies
By Rachel Colby & Kyle Hattie
Teaching badminton in a TGfU format to promote kinesthetic awareness to enhance decision making: Novice to advanced.
By Dennis Slade
Community consultation - what do you mean it's required?
By Vicki Nicolson
Trauma Informed Practice in Schools: How to work with children and young people who have experienced trauma and how to deal with disclosures of sexu
By Mike McCarthy
Field trips, the brain, and emotional engagement in theoretical socio-political concepts
By Jean Cory-Wright
An introduction to mountain biking
By Donald Matheson
Teaching and assessing through a place responsive haerenga/journey
By Jane Townsend
New activities for alcohol and drug education
By Rachael Dixon & Jenny Robertson
A health education approach to the PE Scholarship report
By Jenny Robertson
Pushing the Envelope: Full-on Fossil Fuel-Free Outdoor Adventures
By Chris North
Making Learning Visible for improved student outcomes for priority learners in Health and Physical Education
By Jayne Dunbar, Elizabeth Samuel, Anne McKay, Kylie Thompson & Margot Bowes
'Moving in a digital world' - A self-study thesis exploring the impact of digital technologies on PE pedagogy
By Greg Burne
"When you're one of the girls, you're just one of the guys": Navigating and negotiating gendered experiences in Outdoor Education
By Sophie Watson
Physical Education and Literacy: Mixing it up at the primary level
By Rachel Colby & Ben Dyson
Health discourses in literacy: productive or destructive?
By Denise Atkins
Building resilience: Implementing the science of positive psychology into your health education programmes
By Tracy Clelland
Issues seen in Moderation for Level 3 Physical Education
By Lesley Park
Issues seen in Moderation for Level 2 Physical Education
By Lesley Park
Issues seen in Moderation for Level 1 Physical Education
By Lesley Park
Aquatics - Authentic Learning for Life
By Nicky Howes, Nadine Mackinnon & Carl Perry
Putting the practical back into Health Promotion
By Kathryn Wells
Raising the bar - M?ori and Pasifika students in Level 2 Health
By Kathryn Wells
Level 1 Numeracy through health
By Jared Slee