About us

Physical Education New Zealand (PENZ) – Te Ao Kori Aotearoa – is a professional non-profit organisation and incorporated society for people interested in promoting quality physical education.

PENZ actively promotes and develops physical education within New Zealand for teachers and students. The organisation also supports educators and others within the sector by providing opportunities for people to develop knowledge and understanding about all aspects of physical education. A large proportion of members come from primary, secondary and tertiary educational institutions, with the balance being made up from students, national and international journal subscribers, and other interested individuals and corporations. PENZ is a non-profit organisation. Membership fees are a primary source of revenue to provide its services. The organisation is led by a National Board made up of PENZ members. The Board meets about 6 times a year. National office has recently moved to Tauranga and employs a Chief Executive Officer, Subject Advisor (.2) and Membership Services Administrator (.8).